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Mertie - Page 106

The end (sincerely this time!) This is the longest Story Town yet, and it's hard to believe we were just getting to know everyone not too long ago. I'm going to miss Mertie and all the bugs, but perhaps we will see them again in future Story Town adventures. Thank you all for making this a special Story Town with me. It will always be a big one for me. My life changed completely while making it, and every day I felt like we were all in this together. Story Town has changed a lot, also. I cannot believe how many "I Love You Mertie" shirts we made for readers, and I am excited to see people wearing them at cons in the future. The goodies post is coming in a couple of hours, so stay tuned!We love you. -JasonIf you have time, and you happen to reread the whole thing, I would love feedback. Who would you recommend this story to? What are things you notice, that you didn't notice when it was presented a day-at-a-time? Did you spot anything interesting?

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