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What is Story Town?
Making Robert Fly
A Place in the Sea
Something in the Woods
To Lumber Home
The Cat with Brown Eyes


"Mertie" is the story of an introverted snail whose life has fallen apart. This is the first appearance of a mysterious pink liquid in Story Town.Story Town is the interactive web series by Jason Albin Thomas. A Story Town starts on the first Monday of every month, and is posted several pages a day to keep you company at work. At points in the story, readers are asked to vote on a certain outcome or made to do things to achieve a certain outcome.Jason Albin Thomas writes and draws Story Town in Atlanta, between frequent housecat feedings. "I JUST fed you!" he can often be heard crying. "I SAW you eat it all. Where is it all going? Are you throwing up in my shoes again?" The cats are indifferent to his frustration about this.

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