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About Red Rocket Farm

Red Rocket Farm is the art studio of Jason Albin Thomas, whose designs, cartoons, and animations are featured throughout this website. Jason is the creator of Story Town, a series of interactive and illustrated stories updated Monday through Friday to keep you company throughout the work week.

At Red Rocket Farm we make paintings, t-shirts, mystery boxes, and other pleasant things.

If you are interested in purchasing some of our products, check out the Red Rocket Farm Store.

If you are interested in seeing examples of what we do, just click around. We hope you like what you see!


About Red Rocket Farm:

What is Red Rocket Farm?

Red Rocket Farm is an art & animation studio that Jason Thomas created because he wanted to make Cradle Me, Sky and wanted a way to finance it. We sell paintings, t-shirts, and other merchandise based on his designs. The people who purchase art from us, give love, encouragement, tell people about us, and the people who have worked impossibly hard here, make all this possible.

I love what Red Rocket Farm is doing. How can I support it?

The best way to support us is to order merchandise from our store. This is a tremendous help, and keeps us going, financially. Another way to help is to get the word out there. Use your computer machines to link to us, share us, and let people know about Free Drawings for Total Strangers and Cradle Me, Sky. It really helps.

About Free Drawings for Total Strangers (FDfTS)

What is Free Drawings for Total Strangers?

It’s a regular web-comic that Jason draws for a person, in front of an audience. He asks a couple of questions, then draws a comic which incorporates the answers in some way. Jason creates forty to sixty FDfTS cartoons a day when he is appearing at shows.

Where does FDfTS take place?

Throughout the year, Red Rocket Farm travels all over the United States, selling paintings and t-shirts at Sci-Fi Cons and Art & Craft Festivals. Wherever our booth is set up, if Jason is there, he does FDfTS. You can see where we’re going, and if Jason is booked for that show, on the Event Calendar.

What are the questions like?

Some questions: “What was something that traumatized you as a child?” “What was a food you used to love, but don’t anymore?” “What is something you’re really good at?”

I got an FDfTS done! When will it be online?

Jason draws around 300 FDfTS cartoons a month, and only one per day is chosen for FDfTS. It may be the weirdest, the saddest, or maybe it’s about an animal that hasn’t been drawn in a while… but the drawings that are published are the thirty (give or take) a month which stand out. If yours doesn’t make it online, it’s not because you answered the questions wrong, or that your cartoon isn’t special, or that you didn’t smile right. There are cartoons which are really awesome that Jason doesn’t choose for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with that awful sweater you were wearing. Seriously.

What if I’m not a Total Stranger?

That’s fine. Jason will draw for you anyways.

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