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Red Rocket Farm Awarded “Quite Funky”

Thanks, Funky Ferndale for the Award of Excellence! It was our first trip to Michigan, and we appreciated your hospitality, and the warm reception from the town of Ferndale! It was a fun and well-run show in a swell and friendly town!... [read more]


Jason is interviewed by Little House Entertainment

 Back in June, Tiff and Sal went to Wizard World Philly and talked to a few incredible independent artists. In this interview, we talk with Jason Thomas of Red Rocket Farm and get into the nitty gritty of his group, art, and animated series.... [read more]


The Examiner

Red Rocket FarmThe Cap Man, and Third Half Studiosare just a few of the local artists on hand at this weekend’s festival. If you missed out, don’t fret: many of them will also be attending Dragon*Con next weekend, and most of the artists also have web sites offering their work for sale and announcing which future festivals they will attend. Red Rocket Farm is an animation and art studio showcasing humorous designs like the “SplatBot” robot who has sadly lost the scoop from his ice cream cone. They offer paintings, prints, and t-shirts at a range of price points and the friendly artists are usually on hand to discuss the work at the festivals. (More…)... [read more]

A Very Happy Total Stranger

Frank 151

Jason Thomas’ Free Art at Inman Park Festival

While strolling through the Inman Park neighborhood during their annual street festival, I saw more things grow for the streets than of the neighborhood – or the Inman Park Festival’s carnival vibe. Think: have you ever been to a carnival or fair, put money on just about every game, give it your all and crap out? While this neighborhood usually has that vibe – considering their economic gap (I mean, just look at the houses and condos, then look at the apartments) and personable disparity between the yuppie and the hippie – there are moments where artists like Jason Thomas make everyone feel equally special… (more)... [read more]

Jason is interviewed on the

Jason is interviewed on the “Be a Beacon” podcast.

David Cohen interviews Jason about FDfTS, Cradle Me, Sky, and Red Rocket Farm as a whole. The “Be a Beacon” podcast focuses on business entrepreneurship and creative concepts.

You can listen to the interview here.... [read more]

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