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Farm Day!

Farm Day!

Hi, I'm Valerie. I like string cheese and long walks anywhere. I just joined the team at Red Rocket Farm, ...

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Tijuana Garage gets Red Rocket Farm kid’s menu!

Tijuana Garage gets Red Rocket Farm kid's menu!

Check out this amazing kid’s menu Jason made for Tijuana Garage. All the farmers wanted to fill one out. ...

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[Ba]rking [Ba]d

[Ba]rking [Ba]d

Sad about the finale of Breaking Bad? The pups of Red Rocket Farm are hoping for an adorable spin off. To ...

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The Mega Feed

New Shirt: Susan the Panda!

Pandas are SO cute!  Except when they are stabbing you in the neck and drinking your life force out like you were some kind of people-flavored Capri Sun.  Then they’re just sorta cute.
Hand-Printed by us, on a lovely leaf green, 100% cotton…. [read more]


BiscuitBox Shirt is now in our store!

It’s a shirt design that was licensed to the Jon Wye store for a while, but now Biscuitbox is back and better than ever!

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Support Independent artists this Holiday season

Support Independent artists this Holiday season

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Farm Day!

Hi, I’m Valerie. I like string cheese and long walks anywhere. I just joined the team at Red Rocket Farm, and guys, it’s been pretty amazing. I’m learning all sorts of wonderful new things from screen printing to which Fall colors look best on Wendy.
A farmers life is full of many shop hours but we get plenty of opportunities to stretch our legs.
For example, we just had an amazing Farm Day. What is a Farm Day you ask?
Farm Day [farhm dey] noun :
1. field trip for Red Rocket Farmers; destination determined by the most inspiring idea
2. a social outing, a gathering of people not holding jigsaws
3. an opportunity to travel, see new things, meet… [read more]

Wendy's Choice

Wendy’s Choice

We had a contest today to give a full set of Snack Puppy art prints away to a random fan who shared the comic post on Facebook. Here’s how we picked! Congratulations, Adam Hughes!

It was so fun, we decided to do another “Wendy’s Choice” tomorrow! One person who shares this post, and another who shares tomorrow’s comic (“Snack Puppy, Part 3″) will win a full set of signed Snack Puppy art prints!
NOTE: Please make sure that you either “Like” Red Rocket Farm, or that your privacy settings allow us to see you, so we know you shared!… [read more]


Making “A Mysterious Technology”

This is a concept for a painting I did years ago, involving a robot who has found an old LP. I had made a smaller painting of it, but I wanted to make a four foot tall version for my three piece series, “Tortured Robots”.
“The robot pauses, and regards it for a moment, processing what it might be. Whatever it is, it is of no real use to anyone anymore. It is obsolete, and irrelevant. He realizes that eventually, he will share this fate, as all technology must.”

The next step is painting the robot. I use acrylic paint, and use dry brushing to get the shading wherever it’s appropriate.

Here, the robot is almost done. The next step… [read more]

Immense Gratitude from Red Rocket Farm

Immense Gratitude from Red Rocket Farm

It is four in the morning as I write this. The work has calmed down for the night. Everyone has gone home. The scroll saw is resting in its blanket of sawdust, the airbrush is quietly cradled in its stand. The classic Star Trek episodes have been turned off. There is a satisfying stillness. These are the moments where The Farm is the most beautiful.
We’ve made so many new friends, met so many fans, and grown so much. As the year comes to a close, it is difficult to not be sentimental about how far we’ve come in the last three years… especially in just the last year.
2012 was so amazing! So many new designs and products were… [read more]

Christmas in Alabama, and the Death of

Christmas in Alabama, and the Death of “Tenty”

So, we went to visit Teeter’s Brother Michael, Sister-in-Law Emily, and Niece Ellie for the holidays. The drive was harrowing, because of a tornado which had set down a few miles from us. About a mile from their home, Teeter looked at me. “We can either be in a tornado in the truck, or try to get there and be inside,” she said over the wind pushing branches and signs around outside the truck. Sounded okay to me. I figured if it got too bad, we would pull over and try to find cover. We made it there safe, and hours later the wind was so powerful, it blew a large piece of metal off a roof that blew by… [read more]

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