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The Movie With the Lions in It

The Movie With the Lions in It

In 1993, I painted these windows for the release of “The Lion King”. My grandfather became convinced, permanently, that I had made the entire film.

“The Movie With Lions in It”

The first paying art job I ever had, was at the movie theater near Perimeter Mall in Georgia when I was a teen. The manager of the theater was one of the coolest people I’d ever met. For big releases, he would have all these elaborate displays for the bigger movies coming out. It wasn’t unheard of to have employees dress up as characters, but he would do it in such a way that kids felt like they MET the character from the movies. “That’s where the Stegosaurus is going to be, sitting by that tree,” I heard him say, about something called Jurrasic Park. “Then the little dinosaurs with the claws can be behind those paper mache rocks.”… [read more]

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