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The AwesomeCon 2014 Roadshow Panel

The AwesomeCon 2014 Roadshow Panel

These are images from the “Free Drawings for Total Strangers Roadshow” at AwesomeCon last weekend.

Typically, our panel description is as follows:
“Free Drawings for Total Strangers” ( is the cute and often twisted webcomic by Jason Thomas who bases it on the true life stories of strangers and readers. FDfTS has been compared to riding down a hill in a refrigerator box that is filled with delicious treats that you cannot enjoy because they are bouncing around so much, they’re upsetting you. Panel features Jason Thomas’ awful stories, giveaways of paintings, t-shirt, sticker & prints, as well as a truly delightful and odd multimedia presentation.
You will hate this.

Here is a glimpse of what one of our roadshows is like.

That’s Peter in the front of the line for the FDfTS Roadshow. Later, he will be playing the part of a chicken for everyone’s amusement. The third person … [read more]

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