Red Rocket Farm | Episode 1: Things Fall Apart – Chapter 7
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Episode 1: Things Fall Apart – Chapter 7

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About This Chapter: Jennifer Teeter: The Audiomatician of CMS

So, this was an important chapter. It’s where this guy’s life changes forever.

And it’s a great chapter to brag about the audio work that Jennifer Teeter does. If you really want to see how important her job is on CMS, just turn your audio down, and watch it. That’s pretty much how I give it to her. Eerily silent. It doesn’t even look like a cartoon. It looks like a slide show.

Then she makes her magic. Shuffling around the farm, looking for the blowtorch, filling a box with shoes, leaning over her keyboard, or heading over to the microphone with a glass in one hand and a spoon in the other. She does this for hours.

I really enjoy making a CMS chapter. Doing the voices, the prep art, the writing, every step of the process, I get a little more excited about the chapter. But I’m not really ecstatic about a chapter until I hear a call from the back of the room. “Hey, I think I have something. See what you think.” I watch it with her brilliant sound effects, and her carefully scored soundtrack, and it’s like I’m watching it for the first time. It looks great, I’m proud of it, and I can’t wait for Monday morning. That’s when I’m ecstatic. That’s when it’s real to me.

Finishing the animation on a chapter means that I’ve made an animation that I’m self-conscious about. I just don’t know if it’s good enough. I worry that it looks ridiculous next to “real” animations. All I can see is the things I could have done better if I’d had time. Maybe I could have drawn more frames, or given more expressions. I swear that I can justĀ feel the ghosts of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston staring over each of my shoulders, shaking their heads.

But every week, I know Jennifer Teeter will swoop in and save me.

That’s love.


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