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Episode 1: Things Fall Apart – Chapter 4

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About This Chapter: Chapter Notes for 1.4

I remember one day I was having an awful time at work, and was seriously thinking about just quitting that day. My friend Doug Congleton worked there, and he came down to stand in the door of my office. He had seen the whole thing, and just shook his head. I was awful sore about the whole business, and ranted about how unfair it was, and that I just didn’t know how much longer I could keep working there.

Doug smiled, and handed me an orange. “Here you go, JT. You eat that orange. That’ll make you feel better.” Now, keep in mind, I was just about angrier that day than I’d ever been in my entire life. It was one of those events when you’re so furious, and so hurt, that you feel like the anger is important. Like it’s all you have. I didn’t want to be cheered up. I just wanted to pack up my office and go home. I looked at him, and put the orange on my desk.

“I don’t want an orange, Doug. What I want is an apology. Or revenge.”

“Now, JT… you eat that orange, and I’ll bet you feel lots better.”

“Doug, I don’t want the orange. I’m really frustrated right now.”

“Come on, JT. It’ll be tasty one. I had one earlier from the same bag. You eat that orange, and things won’t seem so bad.”

“Doug! Listen to me. I am completely serious here. I am not eating that orange.”

“Okay, here. I’ll start it for you.”

In the end, I did eat the orange. He stared at me and made sure I ate the whole thing. It was so absurd, I couldn’t help but laugh about it. I did actually feel a whole lot better. Doug kept me at that awful job for about an additional year in this fashion.

So, when I wanted to make a bounty hunter that believed in catching more flies with honey (or guilt), I found myself channeling Doug in the script. Doug does the voice for Applesauce the bounty hunter because I asked him to. It’s great to hear, because he really is like that.


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