Red Rocket Farm | Episode 1: Things Fall Apart – Chapter 3
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Episode 1: Things Fall Apart – Chapter 3

*Video:episode 1 chapter 3

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About This Chapter: Notes for Chapter 1.3

The control panel for the Sharkfin ship took FOREVER. Everything on it either lights up or moves, and I had to make it from different angles. It took days, then I had a hard drive crash, so I had to do it all over again!!! Now I do regular backups. Don’t be like me, back your stuff up before you have to learn your lesson the hard way!
The green fellow is based loosely on a small lamp I had as a child. It had a round base, and a round head, with two jointed pieces making up the “neck”. I used to play with it all the time, and make it look around the room. One day I was trying to think what I should make an alien look like, and I thought “Oh yeah… that weird 60’s lamp!”
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