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Red Rocket Farm

is an art and animation studio in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is run by Jason Thomas, whose designs, cartoons, and animations are featured throughout this website.  Jason is the author/creator/artist of Free Drawings for Total Strangers –a live experience/webcomic, as well as Cradle Me Sky –an epic and heartfelt animated comedy set in the vastness of space.

At Red Rocket Farm we make paintings, t-shirts, motion graphics, animations, and a mean chicken noodle soup.  We also run a fully operational screen printing shop, with Jennifer Teeter at the helm.

If you are interested in purchasing some pretty awesome (if you don’t mind us saying) paintings or t-shirts, check out the Red Rocket Farm Store.

If you are interested in a custom painting or animation, email JASON AT REDROCKETFARM DOT COM

If you are interested in custom screen printing, email TEETER AT REDROCKETFARM DOT COM

If you are interested in seeing examples of what we do, just click around.  We hope you like what you see!




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