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Making “A Mysterious Technology”

This is a concept for a painting I did years ago, involving a robot who has found an old LP. I had made a smaller painting of it, but I wanted to make a four foot tall version for my three piece series, “Tortured Robots”.

“The robot pauses, and regards it for a moment, processing what it might be. Whatever it is, it is of no real use to anyone anymore. It is obsolete, and irrelevant. He realizes that eventually, he will share this fate, as all technology must.”

A Mysterious Technology 1

The next step is painting the robot. I use acrylic paint, and use dry brushing to get the shading wherever it’s appropriate.

A Mysterious Technology 2

A Mysterious Technology 3

Here, the robot is almost done. The next step is the background, using a combination of wash and airbrush techniques. Then the whole piece is varnished to protect the piece and give it a nice shine.

A Mysterious Technology 4

“A Mysterious Technology” was purchased at New York Comic Con by Robots and Cupcakes, a graphic design company, for their lobby in New Jersey.

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